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South East Dallas Humane Society
Specializing in American Pit Bull Terriers


We are a Not For Profit Individual Rescue Organization specializing in APBT's, who provides a safe environment until a loving and caring forever home comes along. We strongly promote Spay/Neuter and Basic Training of Pets. We try to Educate those who dont know how to care properly for their pets.


Pit Bulls are stolen more than any other breed. Do not leave your Pit Bull unattended. Make him an indoor pet, outside is for play and potty.
The summer is here and the heat is overwhelming in Texas, PLEASE keep plenty of water and provide proper shelter for your pet.
Breeding is AGAINST THE LAW in the City of Dallas and punishable by law if they have no permit. Most people who breed are what we call "Back Yard Breeders" and know nothing of breeding producing animals that have genetic disorders and deformities, taking away from the true bloodline. They over breed their females and don't provide the proper medical care for the pups as well as the mother. If you know someone who is breeding please dial 311 and file a complaint or email us with the address, name (if available) and phone number. Please help us stop the overpopulation of animals!! Pits are TRUELY man's best friend! I am NOT disposable! Love me for LIFE!

Thor: This is the original Thor which the Rescue, Thor's Pit Bull Rescue, was named after. We have changed the name to SEDHS since we have started accepting other breeds!

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Before adopting a pet (especially a Pit Bull) you should read up on the breed to make sure this is the breed for you. Not just anyone should own a Pit Bull, they are a unique breed. You must also keep in mind that this pet is like a child and needs to be loved and supported for a lifetime. So you must want to make a lifetime commitment. You must fill out an application and submit it (there is a link below you can get the application from) once that is done you must pass a home inspection and sign a very strict contract and addendum for the Power Breeds.

(Please Read Adoption Policies before you submit an application.)
Simply click on the link below, save the application to your desktop, fill it out and email it back to us. It's that simple.
Adoption Application

Email Us Your Application Today

There is a 20.00 Application Fee in which you can make a payment to PayPal
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